Dinosaur World Field Trips

Florida Fossil Dig at Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World is a great place for field trips!

Looking for a place to take your students on a fun and educational field trip? Look no further than Dinosaur World! Our unique parks feature over 100 life-size models of dinosaurs. This immersive experience lets visitors step back in time and explore the world of these fascinating creatures.

At Dinosaur World, you can learn about the different species of dinosaurs and their behaviors. As you explore the various exhibits and attractions, you’ll gain an understanding of prehistoric life like never before. Kids will love showing off their newfound knowledge and asking questions about all the incredible fossils on display.

Not only is Dinosaur World an educational experience, but it’s also a ton of fun! All throughout the park, kids will come across hands-on activities, interactive exhibits, and even a playground! There’s something for everyone, whether you want to dig for fossils, speak to a real paleontologist (on select days), or take a stroll through time in our museum.

If you’re a teacher looking for a field trip destination that will excite and engage your students, Dinosaur World is an excellent choice. Because of our park’s focus on science and history, it can be incorporated into lessons on Earth science, paleontology, biology, and more. We also offer discounts for schools, making it easy to plan a budget-friendly field trip.