Fossil Dig

The Fossil Dig is a 15-minute guided activity. Kids dig for fossils in a specially stocked pit area that includes everything from shark teeth and gastropods to stingray barbs and Mosasaur teeth. They can select three of their favorites to take home. Tickets for the Fossil Dig activity are available for $3 plus tax. 

Dino Gem Excavation

Choose a bag or bucket, then run it through our mining sluice to see what treasures you have discovered, including real minerals, arrowheads, or gems. You get to keep everything you find! (Cost included with every excavation pass.)

Bone Yard

Grab some tools and start excavating to uncover the 27-foot skeleton from under the sand!

Dinosaur World Florida is a great destination for families of all sizes. Join us for a magical journey of exploration and wonder in our pre-historic playground.