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Hurricane Ian Impact

Hurricane Ian made landfall in state of Florida as a Category 4 Hurricane on September 28th, 2022. It caused unprecedented destruction throughout its path and left entire communities destroyed. Our thoughts and our prayers go out to those effected by this disaster.

Dinosaur World saw destruction of its own with numerous downed trees, branches, fences, and more. As a result, Dinosaur World remained closed for five days while our hard-working employees got to work cleaning up our park and our dinos. The destruction, however, did not dampen our spirits. Dinosaur World donated a barbeque meal to the city and to our local first responders to support these tireless workers. We were so glad that we could give back to our community in Plant City as they have supported us for such a long time.

We love our city and the great people that live in it. We saw so much strength and support and it touches our dinosaur hearts. While we are back up and running, there are so many homes and businesses that are not so fortunate. We ask that you keep these people in your prayers and help where you can.