Our dinosaurs are incredible!

Park Improvements

Here at Dinosaur World, we are always working to make our parks the best experience possible for our guests. In addition to some exciting new additions that we will announce very soon, we have been making a few changes around our Florida park to make it even better! Here is what we have been up to:

Dinosaur Makeovers

Some of our dinosaurs have been receiving a makeover recently with a new coat of paint. We have added new details and re-envisioned some of our dinos. We are emphasizing more precise details in order to bring out certain features, such as the eyes, horns, and teeth. This will allow for a more realistic and exciting experience!

Wider Walkways

Some of our dinosaurs are so tall, that they have a birds-eye view of the whole park! They let us know that they noticed the walkways could use some extra space to accommodate all of our guests. Well, we listened to our dinosaurs and are working to widen our paths! It’s a good thing we have such astute dinosaurs, as they’re always giving us great advice!