We’re excited for Reptile Day!

Reptile Day

We have a very special day planned for January 21st – Reptile Day! From 11am to 2pm at our Florida park, we will be hosting some special guests from Gatorland. These guests include animals such as tarantulas, lizards, and even a 3-foot alligator!! This is a “Meet and Greet” event, so you can get up close and personal with these exciting creatures. Throughout the event, you will be able to speak to the handler and learn about each animal they bring, all while experiencing the animal in real life!

Reptile Day will be extra exciting as our Exploration Cave will be open to all explorers! Head into the cave and meet real life paleontologists that will teach you all about fossils. This is not just great for the kids, but for parents too. January 21st is going to be the perfect Dino Day so don’t miss it!